16.05.2022 - 08:17 Uhr

Millions using CBD products should seek out quality & drug-free validation, says founder. As premium CBD products from the British-based Purity Hemp Company have been certified among the best on the market by the world’s foremost drug-protection authorities, the company’s founder is warning millions of users in this country to check the amount of CBD contained in a host of other oils, edibles or general products currently being sold as ‘CBD’.

Earlier this month, the Purity Hemp Company was awarded Gold Standard quality accreditation and drug-free certification by the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) in the USA - the world’s leading natural product tester and certifier - for its Organic Hemp CBD Oils and Pain Relief product range that offers users numerous health and wellbeing benefits. Product certification also came from the World Anti-Drug Agency (WADA) that looks to protect the world’s top-performing athletes.

“Not all CBD products are the same and millions of Britons are currently buying so-called CBD products and being taken advantage of because of the lack of regulation and consumer awareness,” said Purity Hemp Company CEO and founder Michael Walker. “Users need to check for basic information like certificates of analysis to see what’s in the product they’re taking and how much CBD it contains, or they could find themselves using not only poor-quality products, but possibly harmful ones.

“There are now more than 400 CBD companies in the UK and thousands across Europe, but just three have similar independent product validation and only the Purity Hemp Company has achieved this certification for our 10% & 20% strength Hemp & MCT Oils and Pain Relief products - which places us at forefront of the genuine CBD revolution,” he added

Having awarded Purity Hemp Company Drug-free and Quality Gold Standard awards for its non-THC*products, BSCG President Oliver Catlin commented: “Our BSCG Certified CBD program is the most robust in the industry.  By participating in the program, The Purity Hemp Company demonstrates a deep commitment to quality control and to the integrity of its products, as well as the protection of consumers who are looking for the best CBD products.”                                                                                                              

“Backed by these strong credentials, the Purity Hemp Company now sets the benchmark for CBD companies across Europe and certainly in the UK and can offer consumers confidence in the natural benefits only found from premium quality hemp and cannabis plants,” said Walker. “Our corporate ethos is based on traceability, transparency and trust and, unlike other CBD brands, we control every facet of the production process. This means that consumers can check our seed selection, cultivation, harvest, extraction and preparation of the products for themselves - literally from the seed to the shelf,” he added.

The CBD market in the UK is currently estimated to be worth £600m a year, with some four million users – making it the largest in Europe (currently at £1.5b) and is bigger than the markets for Vitamins C & D combined. The fast-growing UK market is forecast to reach a value of £1.7bn by 2025. 

“The Purity Hemp Company sources hemp exclusively from organic farms in Holland, Canada and the USA who are part of our brand family and share our passion to improve life as nature intended,” said Walker, a Canadian-born entrepreneur who has lived in the UK since 2006 and previously held senior marketing positions within Heathrow, National Express Group, as well as PGA West &  Marriott International in California.

“Having selected the perfect seed strains that are rich in cannabinoids and terpenes surrounded by nutrient rich soils and locations with an abundance of natural clean water to provide ideal growing conditions, we’re able to grow the very best organic hemp plants in Europe and in North America.  Onsite laboratories test the plants during the growing cycle, so consumers can be confident in the quality of our plants and extracts and we’ve even installed cameras in the fields so they can watch the grass grow,” he added. 

The top-selling product from Purity Hemp Company currently is the CBD Wellness Pack - consisting of 1000mg oil drops, Gluten-free, sugar-free Gummy Domes made from natural fruit flavours and Hemp Flower infused Tea that provides a relaxing way to enjoy the natural health benefits of CBD.

Natural benefits accredited to using CBD products include improving mental and physical wellbeing, relieving aches and pains, recovering muscles faster after sporting activity and helping to naturally balance mind and body from symptoms of anxiety or stress.

The latest range of Purity Hemp Company products can be found at: purityhempco.com                          


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